Science of the Logo

The rotation of the world has kept life on earth rolling. The FKL logo being inspired from the rotation of the world has emerged as one of the key identification for the brand, and we believe that FKL is one company that is laterally keeping the bearing rolling in the market. Looking deep into the logo you will find the word FKL at the center of the arches that implies the orbit around the sun wherein the world revolves with the aid of the centrifugal force and centripetal force. The blue colour on the other hand stands for fidelity, happiness, faith and progression, which in turn is spreading the vibes of our values into the motto of our business associates is our forte.

The science of the circle

Incessant spinning of the molecule keeps the universe animated. And the force that balances the entire motion is called the original force. But behind the whole story, there’s the science of the circle. It is the flexible spherical line that keeps the balance same from the centre point of the action and revolves around the main force. Not only this, while the inner circle itself stays in motion, the outer circle keeps the entire universe rolling. In the engineering universe Bearing plays a vital role in driving the centrifugal force of the machine that keeps the object intact but simultaneously drives it towards growth and success.
World is rotating everyday keeping life alive, the learning from this mere principle has led to great development in the field of engineering & hence FKL targets to master the art of friction control in motion.