Sealed Spherical Roller Bearing

Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings are designed to withstand high demanding operating conditions as well as high operating life. For end users, use of these bearings is guaranteed to simplify its maintenance, reduce grease and seal consumption, and eliminates unplanned shut downs due to premature failures of bearings. This leads to drastic reduction of operating costs thereby shooting up profits with the operation. For an OEM customer, the use of Sealed Spherical Roller Bearing implicates elimination of external seals. Here, the consequent possibility of downsizing the machine and reducing the cost will increase the products competitiveness, especially if the guaranteed trouble free operation is taken into consideration. Sealed spherical roller bearings are suitable for areas of operation with hostile environment such as dust, dirt and other contaminant or pollutant.

Sealing concepts – Depending on the bearing series the sealed spherical roller bearings are fitted with different sealing concepts.