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Vision & Mission


Vision without Action is merely a dream. Vision with Action can change the world.

The FKL Vision – To be reckoned as one of the leading players in the Industrial Bearings segment in India.

We aim to be amongst the top 6 leading brands (in terms of market share) in Industrial bearing segment by 2020. FKL is a brand asked for by its name, preferred for its unsurpassed quality and associated with organizations whose zeal and values are high like that of the brand itself.

Our vision serves as the beacon and guides every aspect of our business by describing what is needed for achieving sustainable and quality escalation.


To be the ‘chosen one’ among our customers by serving them with:

  • World-Class products & services at competitive prices.
  •  Just in time (JIT) delivery assurance.
  •  Application Optimized Solutions.
  •  Solutions to improve their rotational efficiency & effectiveness, in turn making  them more successful and profitable.


The FKL road map started with an enduring mission. A mission to be better day by day and entrust belief in customers with the superior quality of products made. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

Practise what you preach, defines FKL. The best thing about FKL is keeping the words intact and projecting it with the quality products. Superior products with exemplary services are ushered upon the FKL customers, whom they prefer to call business associates. FKL spends their quality manpower, time on intensive research and development to ensure the best is delivered to its customers. The finest in the market comes from supreme raw materials – cleanest, strongest steels and other metals, precision components and accessories – giving rise to new and improved product development.

FKL has climbed the stairs slowly and has emerged to be amongst the top with their strategic principles, advanced technology and state-of-the-art distribution network.

FKL Offers:

  • Accelerating and leveraging simplification.
  • Offering high end operational experience.
  • Ingenious internal framework of knowledge management that takes care of quality and customer needs.
  • Absolute product mastery for any heavy engineering requirement.